Bar Menu

This is the Northern Sports Bar Menu, for any enquiries about this please phone us on 03 2175978.
Menu Item: 
Seafood Chowder
Rich & creamy. Served Piping hot. Chocker full of tasty seafood and served with grilled garlic bread.
A Bread Selection
Freshly baked selection of local breads with three spreads that are made daily
Warm Chicken Salad
Seasoned chicken breast served on salad greens with sliced avocado, fresh vine tomato, brie, roasted cashews and crispy bacon and with raspberry vinaigrette.
Blue Cod
Two small fillets of fresh blue cod in a lager an egg batter, crisp fries and a salad garnish finished with tartare sauce and lemon.
Chicken Sandwich
Cajun-spiced chicken with avocado, crispy bacon, grilled cheese baby tomatoes and salad leaves with old-fashioned Highlander mayonnaise between toasted Panini. Served with steak fries.
Streaky bacon, lettuce and tomato finished with homemade mayo and crunchy fries.
Pulled Pork Pastie
Asian flavored pulled pork with corn, carrot and onion. Served in a puff pastry with parmesan mash peas and gravy. .
Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, and Chips.
Just as it reads - a great filling meal.
Steak and Chips
200g prime porterhouse steak served with chips, salad and 2 eggs.
Ham Steak
A real retro favourite, topped with a pineapple ring. Served with fries, salad and mum’s Highlander mayo.
Smoked Chicken & Bacon Fettucine
For lovers of creamy pasta. Finished with parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.
Fisherman’s Basket
Crumbed calamari rings, crumbed mussels, hoki bites, a rich crab stick, crumbed prawns and fries.
Land Platter
Crumbed chicken sticks, lamb bites, mini spring rolls, mini samosas and pork wontons finished with crunchy fries.
Mexican Nachos
Savoury flavoured mince and bean mix. Served on seasoned corn chips, topped with grilled cheese, sweet chilli sauce and sour cream.
Baked Potato and Salad
Oven-baked potato topped with savoury mince and cheese or sour cream and chilli.
The Belly Buster Burger
A grilled sourdough bun with garlic butter, aioli and smokey bbq sauce. grilled 180 gram beef patty with cheddar cheese, bacon,egg,beetroot,red onion,lettuce ant tomato. Served with steak fries
Hot Wings
Deep fried, crispy buffalo chicken wings tossed with a homemade seasoning and served with a hot dipping sauce
Your choice served with sour cream and chilli OR bacon and cheese
Bowl of fries $4.50 Beer battered fries $5.50 Bowl of gravy $3.00 Mushroom sauce $3.50 Sautéed mushrooms $3.50 Side of eggs $2.50 Grilled tomatoes $3.50 Extra side sauces $2.50
Indian style platter, Seafood platter, Asian style platter, Land platter
Battered Southern Blue Whiting
An good alternative to blue cod. Southern blue whiting beer battered and served with Chips, salad,tartare sauce and lemon .