From the Butcher's Block

Not all steaks are equal but we do everything we can to make sure that ours are among the best. We understand that good things take time and so all our beef is aged a minimum of 21 days to ensure the best flavour and tenderness – no short cuts here. The Butcher’s Block is about tasting great beef, and in this case Hereford beef, and most of it from Southland. We hope you enjoy the great taste of our authentic southern steaks.
Menu Item: 
Hereford Eye Fillet
250 grams of prime Hereford beef, wrapped in streaky bacon on creamy mashed potatoes with beetroot confit, wilted spinach, portobello mushrooms and topped with rich shiraz reduction.
Hereford Prime Ribeye
250 gram Ribeye steak, cooked how you like it and served resting on saffron boulangere potatoes and a medley of seasonal vegetables.
400 grams of prime rump topped with red onion relish and delivered to your table on a smoking-hot sizzle platter. Many steak lovers believe rump is one of the tastiest cuts on offer and we tend to agree. Served with sides of fries and salad.
Surf n Turf
It doesn’t get better than this. 250 grams of prime Hereford porterhouse, with scallops and prawn cutlets resting on our pressed courgette and potato rosti with a medley of seasonal vegetables and topped with a rich red wine jus.
Beefalo Sirloin
Beefalo is produced here in southland at Isla Bank by Netherton farm. It is a hybrid mix of beef cattle and bison. Beefalo was voted one of the best steaks in America. Only a limited number of cattle a year are processed in New Zealand. A 200G Sirloin cooked medium to rare, seasoned with cracked pepper and served with shallots and fresh thyme, duck fat hasselback potatoes, greens and a rich port wine jus. Subject to availability.
GF option available